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Platform of Supporting Cohort Study and Biospecimen Analysis


Principle Investigator Kohzoh Imai
Visiting Professor and the Chair of Office of Support for Platforms for Advanced Technologies and Research Resources, the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo
Keyword for Support Function Support using biospecimen, cohort study, clinical specimen, general healthy group, large-scale genome analysis, multiple omics analysis
Grant period FY 2016 - 2021
URL http://cohort.umin.jp/

Platform of Supporting Cohort Study and Biospecimen Analysis

Support Categories

Group for supporting cohort study using bioresources

Support for providing the biospecimen as a control group in a case-control study We provide biospecimen of a general group that does not recognize cancer or death after five years since the start of the follow-up survey.
We would like to have their requests such as sample conditions of the subjects of the survey, phenotype items required for the analysis, research scale, the term and other index. Please contact us from the request form that will help the screening procedure faster.
Support for providing the biospecimen from the incident case for the early cancer diagnosis marker accuracy verification. We provide the biospecimens of cancer incidence case (appear symptoms one year or more and less than five years after starting the follow-up survey). Due to the limited number of the samples from the specified cancer part which satisfy the conditions, please make sure that the markers have obtained a certain level of sensitivity and specificity tested with clinical samples.
Support relating to analysis of the genotype and the phenotype including blood test data We provide 4,500 individuals (302 types) of genotype and phenotype data. Please refer to the website (http://www.jmicc.com/snpstudy/) for details.
Support for a mass biodata analysis We support analysis using biospecimen for mainly genome cohort study. Specifically, we conduct filtering and imputation of DNA microarray data, data analysis using the Next Generation Sequencers, and the related analysis such as GWAS and analysis on Gene-Environment Interaction.
Support for providing brain resources and its application We are constructing Japanese Brain Bank Network for Neuroscience Research funded by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, MEXT, Japan.
We have three principles: open resources, register system for the brain bank during the lifetime, and quality control of the resources to provide them to the researchers.
Others Please feel free to contact us from the contact form even though their research purpose is not stated above. It is possible that we can help their research with our platform’s support programs using the biospecimen and data.

Group for supporting research using biospecimen

Support for analyzing supersensitive molecular pathobiology system using biospecimen, constructing a network among relevant research institutions, and integrative omics analysis. We conduct analysis including supersensitive molecular pathobiology system analysis using biospecimen and the various omics analysis (Digital PCR System, Next Generation Sequencers, all sorts of transcriptome analysis, all sorts of proteomics analysis, microarray analysis on 13 cancers) that require our precise background information for the bio-functional molecules and biomarkers of the applicant’s interest.
Also we support to construct a network among relevant research institutions, and we support to provide training opportunity for learning analysis method on a single molecular.
Support for analyzing data on integrative omics using biospecimens. We conduct multiple omics analysis using our various human biospecimens with the precise background information for the bio-functional molecules and biomarkers of the applicant’s interest.
Support for collecting and providing human biospecimens (tissues and blood specimen) and its background information. We provide our biospecimens such as frozen tumor tissues, paraffin-embedded tissues, blood plasma, blood serum, and DNA obtained from the cancer patients. We also provide pathological support organized by the expert pathologists.
Support for providing bioresources of hematologic malignancy. We collect and provide bioresources of hematologic malignancy (mainly blood plasma, blood serum and DNA) obtained from HTLV-1 infected patients to the researchers. We also measure virus copy numbers, and provide information about relevant blood serum molecular.
Others We are open to discussions about the cutting-edge analysis, biospecimen, basic data, and networking among the cooperative institutions expanding their high-level researches. We also accept the request in a planning stage at all times.

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